Square Meals – San Francisco Meal Delivery

September 18, 2013

Square Meals is a gourmet meal delivery service in San Francisco, CA. This is an 80 second video that explains how their service works. The video was shot on location, capturing images of the food preparation, the final product, their cafe and their delivery van. The intro and outro graphics were custom-made animations using their actual logo from their graphic designer. More custom animations were added throughout the video to show their website and demonstrate how to sign up online.

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Stephen Porter is a video producer, photographer and music producer in San Francisco, CA. He produces high quality content for the web, using high-definition cameras and professional audio equipment. He manages all aspects the production process, from the initial consultation, to script-writing, filming and directing, post production and finally implementation on on the internet or your website. Contact him via email, sp@spproducer.com

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