Seaside Motel – Cayucos, CA

December 15, 2013

The Seaside Motel is a unique, family-owned motel in Cayucos, CA. The owners, Rick and Rebecca Roquet, were referred to me by Drew Bailey Scott of DBS Marketing. They needed an overhaul of their website to bring the design and content up to date. When meeting with Rick and Rebecca, we also decided to create a video for the home page of their website, so that visitors could instantly experience what it’s like to stay at their motel.

The video  describes both the motel, and the small town of Cayucos.   It first paints a picture of what Cayucos is like for those who have never been there, and then it describes the Seaside Motel.  The motel is unique for several reasons.  One is that each room is individually decorated; every room is different.  They also have rooms with kitchenettes and suites, which is more than the ordinary motel.  The motel grounds features beautifully-landscaped gardens in both front and back.  They have a popular patio area used by guests for gathering, barbequing and just relaxing.  The video includes all of these key points.  It also includes testimonials by from guests describing how clean, relaxing and comfortable the rooms are.

Having this video on the homepage of the motel’s website provides the business a lot of benefits.  First, it increases the websites Search Engine Optimization.  Websites with video’s are 60% more likely to achieve first page rankings on Google.  Second, it makes their website more engaging.  Research has shown that a  growing number of consumers connect with a business through video more so than with just text alone.  Having a video also increases the average time a visitor spends on a website significantly, and decreases a website’s “bounce rate”, which can hinder SEO.

The owners will also use this video on other major websites that they advertise on like Yelp and Trip Advisor.  They will post it on Facebook and share it with their friends.  They can also embed the video in their email signature so that every time they send an email the recipient can see a video about their business.

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