Lisa Lam – Blue Path Acupuncture

March 30, 2013

Lisa Lam is an acupuncturist in San Francisco, CA.  She’s also a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner.  This is a video describing her business that she placed on her website.  The video was shot at Chrissy Fields near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Before the shoot, Lisa prepared a 90 second speech about her business.  On the day of the shoot, we went out to Chrissy Fields and set up the camera and audio equipment.  We went through her speech a few times and filmed each take.  Afterwards, we watched the footage together and Lisa chose the take she liked best.

At the beginning and the end of the video, motion graphics were added with her name and company logo.  This is for branding purposes, so that the viewers immediately associate the video with Lisa Lam of Blue Path Acupuncture.  At the end of the video, along with the company logo, is the company web address.  This way people know how to get a hold of Lisa should they decide to contact her.

Lisa Lam and Blue Path Acupuncture can be reached through their website at

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