Aglaya – Original Music and Video

August 20, 2013

Aglaya Sh is a model based in San Francisco, CA.  Originally from St. Petersburg Russia, she made a name for herself modeling runway and high fashion.  In San Francisco, however, there’s not as much demand for high fashion.  Most companies like the Gap and Levi’s are looking for “life style” images – people in the their natural environments, enjoying themselves doing interesting things.

So, Aglaya and I set off through the streets of San Francisco to get some life style images.  We shot both photo and videos, the photo can be seen here.

The music is an original piano solo written by Stephen Porter. It was inspired by Aglaya – she wanted music that was light and cheery, something that would reflect the beauty and life style of San Francisco.

The original piano composition, “Aglaya”, is available on iTunes for only 99¢. It can be downloaded here. Thank you for your support!

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Stephen Porter is a video producer, photographer and music producer in San Francisco, CA. He produces high quality content for the web, using high-definition cameras and professional audio equipment. He manages all aspects the production process, from the initial consultation, to script-writing, filming and directing, post production and finally implementation on on the internet or your website. Contact him via email,

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  1. The color, the images, the music are magic.

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